Math/CS Seminar - Advent 2007 - Computer Music

Led by Stephen P. Carl, Assistant Professor of Computer Science


In this seminar we will explore how computers are used to generate and manipulate musical (and non-musical!) sounds.  We will see how the representation of digital audio, as with any form of digital media, affects the quality of recording and production and determines the storage and processing requirements of any digital music system.  We will work with both the mathematics of digital audio processing and practice hands-on techniques using the Pure Data (Pd) graphical programming environment. The material can be understood by anyone with the prerequisities for a first-year calculus or programming course, though experience in programming or applied mathematics will be helpful.


We will work through the text Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music by Miller Puckette. Yes, that Miller Puckette.

Seminar Outline

Stephen P. Carl
scarl AT sewanee DOT edu