CS 428 Course Syllabus

MWF@11 am, Linux Lab

Prof. Stephen P. Carl
    Office Hours:     WL 133
MTWR 1:30 - 3:00 pm
or by appointment
    E-mail:     scarl @T sewanee D0T edu
    Phone:     598-1305


Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, 2nd Ed.by Randal E. Bryant and David R. O'Hallaron
C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Ed.
by K. N. King, The C Programming Language, 2nd Ed. by Kernighan and Ritchie or other C text/manual

Course web pagehttp://scarl.sewanee.edu/CS428/

Objectives of the course: the student will understand
  1. the idea of concurrency, how it is used in the OS, and how to design concurrent programs
  2. how memory is managed so the illusion that each process has "all the memory" is maintained
  3. the basics of interaction with filesystems and filesystem design
  4. network programming and multithreading 

Grading and Workload

5 Homework Assignments (10 points each)
50 points
Final Project
15 points
2 Take-home Exams (10 points each)
20 points
Class Participation 05 points
Final Exam (Saturday, May 6, 2:00 PM) 10 points

Course Administration:

Students are allowed three unexcused absences per semester. Subsequent absences may be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students, which will then issue a cut warning. A student with too many absences may be dropped from the course. All assignments must be completed, and the student is responsible for making up any work missed due to absence.

Class participation includes in-class labs, classroom discussion, and demonstrating solutions in class.

Programming assignments will generally be due by 11:59 p.m. on the due date. If you know it's going to be late, take a break, get some sleep, come to class, and work on it later the next day.  All late work will be penalized 10% for each full day late.  No assignment more than 4 days late will be accepted for grading - automatic zero - so turnin something for partial credit.

Students are to work independently on assignments unless group work is specifically indicated.  The Honor Code applies to all assignments. Plagiarism is copying or imitating the language and thoughts of others, whatever the medium (computer program or written paper).  The Internet is a great source for ideas but you are not to knowingly include program code downloaded from another source.

To support the intellectual life of the university, I offer extra credit for those who attend at least two lectures/presentations outside of the formal classroom experience and submit a 1-2 page lecture summary of the ideas presented. Attending at least one talk sponsored by our department is highly recommended.

ADA Statement

The University of the South is committed to fostering respect for the diversity of the University community and the individual rights of each member of that community. In this spirit, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the University seeks to provide disabled students with the reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to the programs and activities of the University. If you have a disability and require accommodations in this course, you have the responsibility of presenting your instructor with a copy of your academic accommodations letter from the University Wellness Center (931-598-1270). Accommodations will not be provided without this documentation, and accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. Additional information about disability accommodations can be found at http://www.sewanee.edu/student-life/support/university-wellness-center/.

If you have questions about physical accessibility, please inform your instructor so that we can ensure an accessible, safe, and effective environment.