Guidelines for Presentation

The criteria below will be used for evaluating your performance. Classmates will be involved in the assessment of the presentation. One criterion is how you use the time frame. When one is presenting information at any forum, the effective use of the time allotted is important. One cannot cover all the details, yet one must present enough detail that the talk will be valuable to those in attendance. You may assume that the audience has some background knowledge. With this in mind, you should attempt to identify and present the most important aspects and clarify difficult concepts.

Visual Aids: You may use the board or the projector. If you use slides, any PowerPoint-style presentation software is okay (but remember that PowerPoint is not available on the Linux computers). Online presentation systems that encourage "razzle-dazzle" slides like Prezi are considered unprofessional and discouraged.

Please make any slides / notes available to everyone in the class.

Criteria for presentation:

Pointers for presentations:

These are general in nature and should be kept in mind whenever you are making an oral presentation. (You might keep these pointers in mind when you prepare technical presentations in the future - like comps. It is likely that your job/raise/degree will depend upon your doing this sort of thing well.)