Schedule, Readings, and Assignments

Date Topic Assignments
 Sep 01
Introduction to Digital Media
   Golan Levin, ART && CODE intro
Daily #0 - Due next class
Tue  Sep 06
  Processing in JavaScript
Daily #1 - Due next class
Thu  Sep 08
Fundamentals of digital media
Daily #2 - Due next class
 Sep 13
Basic image processing - LAB
  Class Presentation Topics
Reading: Bitmaps
Daily #3 - Due next class
Thu  Sep 15
Negativize, Inverse, Thresholding - LAB Daily #4 - Due next class
Tue  Sep 20
Aging, posterizing, and charcoal - LAB
HW 1 - Due Sept 27
Daily #5 - Due next class
Thu  Sep 22 Mirroring effects - LAB .
Tue  Sep 27
Transforms: translation and rotation - LAB
HW 2 - Due Oct 04
Daily #6 - Due next class
Thu  Sep 29
Scaling and pixel copies Easing Functions
Tue  Oct 04 Text and fonts - LAB
HW 3 - Due Oct 11
Thu  Oct 06
  Prez: Image Capture (Chapman)
   Encryption and "back doors"
Project 1 - Due Oct 25
Tue  Oct 11
Video I: Capture
   Using Capture
   Adjusting Brightness

Exam One - Take Home
Thu  Oct 13
Video II: Movie - LAB- Scrubbing Video
  Prez: Chromakey (Paff/Zhang)
Exam One - Due in
Video lab
Tue  Oct 18
Fall Break
no class
Thu  Oct 20
Computer Vision
  Prez: JPEG Compression  (Evans/Arnold)
  TextRain / Wooden Mirror / Accordian Improv
Reading: Vision
Tue  Oct 25
Arduino and microcontrollers
Prez: Arduino (Burless/Pride)
  Prez: Processingjs (Brammar/Cassidy)
HW 4/5 - Due Nov 01
Thu  Oct 27
Arduino and Processing - LAB
  Prez: Physical Simulation (Regal)
  Prez: P5.js (Leese/Ruhl)
Reading: Physical Computing w/Arduino
Tue  Nov 01 Digital Audio History
  First Computer Musician - Max Mathews
Reading: Sound Tutorial
HW 6 - Due Nov 08
Thu  Nov 03
Basic Audio Algorithms - LAB
  Prez: Psychoacoustics (Ball/Zuniga)
Google's Minimoog Doodle and
quick start guide (credit: Tracy Evans)
Tue  Nov 08
Using and abusing the sample buffer - LAB
  Visualize It
Thu  Nov 10
Simple additive synthesis - LAB
Reading: Computer as Musical Instrument
HW 7/8 - Due
Nov 22
Tue  Nov 15
Audio in Pure Data (Pd)
  First Patch
  Decibels / Too Loud
FLOSS Manuals: Pd
Thu  Nov 17
Pd objects for audio processing - LAB  
  Prez: ChucK (Apostolov/Kandemiri)
Reading:  Electronic Music in Pd - Ch. 2
Tue  Nov 22 Catch up day
  Prez: Mobile Processing (Lin/Kim)
Project 2  - Due Last Class Day
Reading: Electronic Music in Pd - Ch. 3
Especially: 3.2
Thu  Nov 24
Thanksgiving - no class

Tue  Nov 29
MIDI & OpenSoundControl
  Prez: MIDI (Holley/Molder)
Thu  Dec 01
EXAM 2  Mathematics of the DFT
Tue  Dec 06
Pd objects for video processing (GEM)
  Prez: Kinect (Peters/Zekic)
  Prez: Fast Fourier Transform (Hyatt)
  Ye Olde Gem Manual
Pd GEM Tutorial
Thu  Dec 08
GEM - Lab & Complete Example
  Prez: 3D and OpenGL (Iradukunda/Portillo)
Tue  Dec 13 Wrap-up and review Projects Ready for next week?
Tue  Dec 20

Final Project Presentations 2pm

YouTube Various...
Software as art

Software As Art

Processing on iPhone

Solenoid Concerto

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