CS 276 - Class Presentation Topics

Class presentations explore topics related to course material, scheduled accordingly. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes in length and include visual materials such as demonstations, slides, images, webpages, or similar. Video clips are allowed but must be short - discussion of the topic should be yours, not farmed out to some YouTube commentator. Ask me if you aren't sure a clip would be allowable. Make all online materials available to the class by linking from a team member's Wiki page.

Talk to me a week or so in advance for more information on your topic. Many topics will need the text The Science of Digital Media by Jennifer Burg (on reserve in the library).

Topic - See links for more info
Scheduled Date
Assigned To
Processing in JavaScript. Do one of:

Dylan Stechmann

Mobile Processing (Android Mode)

Eddie Chan
Park Ju Hoon

Color Models: Processing Ch. 4, Science of Digital Media Ch. 2

Hoppie Young

Image capture
in digital cameras

Wesley Bailey
Emilea Trasher

Chromakey in image and film

Calid Shorter
Thomas Broadnax

Mathematics of the JPEG compression algorithm

Jack Haight
Cody Johnson

Physical Simulation / Nature of Code

Harry Zhou

Arduino and Digital Electronics

Zachary Rose

Haptics and alternative input devices, for example:
 Microsoft Kinect / Leap Motion / Others
Jenn Echavarria
Amanda Jenkins

Human perception of sound  (Psychoacoustics)

Cordell Vannier


 10/29 or later Me

(Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

Owen Pearson
Latoya McIntyre

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Jack Li
Jack McCall

3D and OpenGL in Processing : P3D and PShaders

Liam Corley

3D and OpenGL in GEM

11/26 or later